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Long time no Blog (Art dump)

Phew, okay it's been a while, and I'd like to rectify that with a blog post that sums up the rest of my November comics! Here we go:

I fortunately stuck to my schedule and got all of these done in November, but was very busy with my freelance jobs that I wasn't able to post them here. A little late on here isn't too bad right?

Notes: Uh hmm there's a few days missing and I have no idea where they went on my computer! I'll update if I find them.

Next up I'll be posting the work I've been doing for Nathan Fowkes' Schoolism class and a little blurb on last week's Schoolism Live Workshop in Berlin.


November Comics

So on the heels of Inktober I felt I should continue making small ink paintings / inkings in November. This time my plan is to work on one panel comics each day. I really enjoyed working in ink and wanted to learn more, and increase my skill using it. I also have been wanting to share mini stories and ideas without committing to a full comic strip.

It's fun to share little moments and experiences.

Some more personal than others.

I found that by the weekend I got pretty wiped out, not by doing these, but just creating client work in the meantime. So I'm sticking to posting these comics on the weekdays so I don't burn myself out.