Kelsey Bass



Portfolio Website

Here you can see my Professional and Personal examples of my work. If you’re looking to hire me as an illustrator for a project you can reach me via Email:

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Social Media: PAtreon Instagram & Twitter

I have a Patreon where I blog and detail about my current personal project “Rat Variety Compendium”

I have a few Instagram accounts which I’ll list here:
- Artwork Based:

- Etsy & Redbubble centered:

- Rat keeping:

Twitter isn’t curated, but I often post about things I’m working on there:

LilCreatureCharms shop

LilCreatureCharms shop

Online Shops

Besides my Illustration business I do sell my artwork online.

LilCreatureCharms is my Etsy shop that features unique tiny art sculptures. I often create works for people mourning of a loss of a dear pet.

On Redbubble I sell print to order items with my work on them.