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November Comics

So on the heels of Inktober I felt I should continue making small ink paintings / inkings in November. This time my plan is to work on one panel comics each day. I really enjoyed working in ink and wanted to learn more, and increase my skill using it. I also have been wanting to share mini stories and ideas without committing to a full comic strip.

It's fun to share little moments and experiences.

Some more personal than others.

I found that by the weekend I got pretty wiped out, not by doing these, but just creating client work in the meantime. So I'm sticking to posting these comics on the weekdays so I don't burn myself out. 



Inktober Week 2 2015

Inktober 4, 2015 Vampire robot sorting blood.

Inktober 5, 2015 Inked a dragon and used colors for this one. All inks ;)

Inktober 6, 2015 Under Tale fan art. 

Inktober 7, 2015 I needed to draw some unicorns.

Inktober 8, 2015 Mr. Hooded Crow gives some advice about coffee.

Inktober 9, 2015 Mother and baby bear.

Inktober 10, 2015 picking up an abandoned plant.

I'm still going strong this week! Now with over 10 ink drawings under my belt. I hope to do more color versions next week.