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Week 3 Assignment Nathan Fowke's Pictorial Composition

So I finished week 3's assignment. It wasn't easy to balance work, home stuff, and also trying to finish this assignment, but I did it! I tried exploring different themes, time of day, action vs. calm, and different values. Seeing all the pieces together helped me to edit a few of them I thought weren't working so well. Later on I plan to revisit these.

It's been a very challenging class, but already I feel I've learned a lot from it. I look forward to the next assignment! 

Assignment 2 Pictorial Composition Revisited

So when I last posted I showed my second assignment from Nathan Fowke's Pictorial Composition class, and I had received some helpful critique from Mili Fay. So in my spare time before I start on the third assignment I wanted to work on these again! (I don't want to leave these in the dust). I'm pretty happy with the changes, and perhaps my intentions for the illustrations have become clearer with the changes. For now I'll continue learning loads from this class, and maybe later revisit these with fresh eyes.

Personal Project update Environments and sketches

I've been working on where these characters will travel, their homes, castles, and landscapes. These are rough but I hope to make more so I can really "feel out" this world. 

I tried mocking up places with paper and pen but it went too slow, and I definitely got distracted drawing baby birds. 

So I want to continue working on the look and feel of this world and then continue with the other characters.

My first online Schoolism class!

I've started my Schoolism subscription last Thursday. The class I'm taking is Pictorial Composition with Nathan Fowkes. I hope this class helps me super charge my compositions! Today I worked on our first assignment. I won't go into too much detail of the assignment, because Schoolism has an affordable subscription model they'll be releasing soon!

The images I used were from City of Lost Children, Twin Peaks, and Concept art for How to Train your Dragon. These are only being used to further my understanding of composition.

I look forward to the rest of this course!

I'll be updating on my personal project later this week!


Cowardly Kitty Personal Project

Last week I introduced my personal project, and this week I'm sharing with you my Cowardly Kitty. He's constantly terrified of the world round him, but competing with this character trait he is quite proud. Again I'm still fleshing out what I am doing with my project as I go along. 

Next week I hope to have some more environments completed. I want to create some rough concepts of the setting.

-Kelsey Bass

Personal Project - Story loosely based on Wizard of Oz

During my down times I plan on working on my own project. I feel like I can explore my own skills and play around with ideas that had been rolling in my head.

At the moment I'm working on a story based on the Wizard of Oz. However in this version all the characters are birds you can find around Berlin, Germany. Featuring: House Sparrows, Hooded Crows, Rock Pigeons, and Peacocks (yes there's peacocks here, an island full of them!) The settings are in progress along with where I'd like to go with the story. My plans are to create the characters, environments, animations, graphic design, and illustrations. 

"Dorothy" (name might change) is a little House Sparrow who is thrown into a different "landscape/world" and must find her way back. I imagine her to be a bit sassy, caring, and adventurous. I want to continue exploring her character as I work on the rest. 

I will post the next character preferably next week :)


SHUFFLE: Match&Make at ZED Berlin

Last night was the SHUFFLE: Match&Make at ZED Berlin. This event allowed artists to collaborate and play around with design. This one was about creating a totem pole of your passion.

In the first round two people had to work on the same computer and create a piece about their passion. My teammate and I were in the second round, and we had to complete the already started piece. Unfortunately the "team" before us was just one guy, and for the most part the piece didn't give us much room to work. (If you squint at the image below that was what we were left with to start. It was a completed piece.) We had to decide what to do in a VERY short amount of time. It felt weird to draw over the very thick lines so I suggested perhaps to draw within. We talked about it again today about what other ways we can approach it, and came up with better solutions.

The guy before us chose "Taste Everything" so we drew everything that could fit! It was fun to have onlookers interact with us as we were drawing. We would ask, "Hey what's something you can taste?" and I misheard someone and thought they said "Satan", but really they said "freedom". 

I hope that they open a chapter here in Berlin, us artists need an event where we can collaborate and play around with our art. 

For the first event I thought it went pretty well. There were things that could have been improved. I told the organizer that when we got the objective it was pretty hard to understand what we needed to do. I also felt that the event could have been longer, I would have liked to collaborate longer too. My partner and I agreed that it was slightly hard to meet other artists since we were all focused on our assignment. However it was about time that an event like this came to Berlin. It makes me think of the Berlin Mini Game Jam and how much fun it is to collaborate with teammates, but Shuffle is like an illustration version of it! 

Below are some pictures of the event :)

Tonight I will be attending the ESDIP Berlin Connect - Vol. II! So in my next blog post I may write about that or talk about my personal project!

My partner at this event was Andrea Tavolaro and here's his work:

Business Cards

I have a lot of events to go to this week and no business cards... hmm.. what to do in such a short amount of time? Why not make my own?! 

Yesterday I hurried into my studio to start working on some business cards. With some bristol board, black mi-teintes paper and supplies I brought back from the USA I completed 36 cards within 6-7 hours (including some breaks). My brain was pooped at the end, but I feel really good about what I accomplished. 

If I were to have more time and do something similar again I might just have my info printed on the back and I could sketch in the front. 

Next post I hope to talk about the events I am going to this week and about my personal project. 

Daily Spitpaint

I have been wanting to participate in the Daily Spitpaints where you only have half an hour to come up with the concept for the theme and paint it! Speed is key here.. I think I want to do them as daily warm ups. So for the first one I did the theme was "Cherry Blossom Dress" and I created a scene of a skeleton under a cherry blossom tree. The blossoms falling onto the remains forms a sort of dress. The idea behind this came to me from the idea of the Cherry blossom being a fleeting beauty that will die. The painting is rough, but it's my first quick one :).

Another Trip to the Museum Für Naturkunde!

Yesterday I felt the need to head over to the Museum für Naturkunde. A few months ago I had gotten their year pass, so I REALLY needed to go again! This time my friend Magda joined me. I was there a few hours before she arrived, and got a lot of bird drawing in. I'm collecting reference for a personal project I've started, and I will post details here later about it!

It's always a confidence booster when you draw here! People are so excited to see an artist in action, and it's fun to interact with them as well. A young girl came up to me as I was working and asked if she could take some pictures. It was so sweet! 

I'm hoping when the weather gets better to go to the zoo and draw alive animals. Though the Naturkunde museum in Berlin does amazing taxidermy work!

After moving I need to get back into the swing of things!

A study of an albino rat. Prisma Color pencil, Sharpie white paint, Prisma color marker on toned tan paper

So after returning from my trip in the US I attended the excellent Schoolism Workshop in Berlin, and just this past week/weekend moved into our new apartment! I'm very excited to get everything unpacked and organized, but I also need to make time to do some work! :D 

I was drawing some photos from this site:

Chocolate Lab. Prisma Color pencil, Sharpie white paint, Prisma color marker on toned tan paper

Back from my trip visiting family in the US

Taking a day for myself to hopefully be over this jet lag! The last few weeks I was visiting family, and had a very busy time. Now I’m back in Germany, and boy is this jet lag pretty rough! 

Good thing is I was able to bring my markers and color pencils from home (Finally  I had enough space in my luggage) Now I can draw with them! Yay! I was inspired to get a tanned toned sketchbook from a lady I met at the Cleveland Drink and Draw :D So I did a drawing of Lux my Sylveon!

Berlin Mini Game Jam AMAZE April 2015 Edition

This past Sunday I participated in the Berlin Mini Game Jam. My friend Jery and I wanted to make a game where you can interact with a game via projector. We focused on the theme "Rain" and came up with a story about a little piglet who needed to go home. She has to get out of the rain and needs the player to provide safe crossings for her. 

Our initial idea was that you had to provide surfaces with your hands, head and/or post-its to get her safely across obstacles. Here's what our set up looked like:

We used a projector and recorded objects in front of it with a camera phone.

The idea was really good, but in the end a bit complex for only an 8 hour time limit. We were both excited about the idea and agreed if we weren't able to finish a prototype that it would be okay.

I went ahead and worked on the design of the character. At first I really wanted to make a moth, but felt like the design was somehow channeling "Invader Zim" (at least to me), then played around with a hedgehog design then slightly back to "Invader Zim". I swear I think somehow, "The Wettening" episode must have subliminally been working through me! So I went ahead and changed it all with a little piggy character. I played around with proportions and cuteness facter then finished with little Abigail. 

Then I wanted to create some quick moody backgrounds to make Abigail stand out.

I worked in a cooler platte to allow Abigail to stand out. The puddles were outlined with a darker color to allow the player to know that it was dangerous.

At the end Abigail makes it home safely. 

We weren't able to complete the technical side of the game, but perhaps we will try again in the future. I was pretty happy that we went with this idea.


Welcome to the World Little Phoebe!

Last month my older sister had her baby. I made a gift for Phoebe and the family, and it arrived yesterday! I'm so happy to see it framed! it looks really nice, and I'm glad it got to them safely.

Welcome to the World Little Phoebe!

Kelsey Bass
A Day Drawing at the Museum with Schoolism Buddies

Last October I was fortunate to have attended the excellent Schoolism Workshop that was in Berlin. As well as learning better techniques and ways of approaching my own art I met a lot of AMAZING and inspiring artists. Last Sunday a small group of us met to sketch at the Museum für Naturkunde (English: Natural History Museum). We had a good day of drawing to say the least.

Bao Bao Portrait.

Dinosaur sketches.

Kiwi, Wood Pecker, and part of a Panda Skeleton.

Komodo Dragon, various birds.

Yan Yan reflection.

My favorite sketch of the day, Panda Skull.

I only had a pen with me this time, but I came out with some really nice results! 

Luciano Aguiar, who was there with me, posted his work on tumblr:

Here are some of the photos I took of the ones I ended up drawing. I can't wait to go back. 

Kelsey Bass
Back from Sweden, and now I have a cold
I love trying to think how it would be like if you had to walk around on your ceiling. Fun stuff to do when you're bored.

I love trying to think how it would be like if you had to walk around on your ceiling. Fun stuff to do when you're bored.

Last weekend I traveled to Sweden to meet my game team. We visited Gameport and the town around it was so nice! I was able to take some pics, but we were constantly on the move it was hard to think of taking pictures constantly. 

As soon as I got home I started to get sick, and now I have a full-blown cold. It won't stop me from working, but it stops me from going to my studio space.

Pictures from visit to Sweden. There aren't many, sorry!

Kelsey Bass