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Personal Project - Story loosely based on Wizard of Oz

During my down times I plan on working on my own project. I feel like I can explore my own skills and play around with ideas that had been rolling in my head.

At the moment I'm working on a story based on the Wizard of Oz. However in this version all the characters are birds you can find around Berlin, Germany. Featuring: House Sparrows, Hooded Crows, Rock Pigeons, and Peacocks (yes there's peacocks here, an island full of them!) The settings are in progress along with where I'd like to go with the story. My plans are to create the characters, environments, animations, graphic design, and illustrations. 

"Dorothy" (name might change) is a little House Sparrow who is thrown into a different "landscape/world" and must find her way back. I imagine her to be a bit sassy, caring, and adventurous. I want to continue exploring her character as I work on the rest. 

I will post the next character preferably next week :)