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SHUFFLE: Match&Make at ZED Berlin

Last night was the SHUFFLE: Match&Make at ZED Berlin. This event allowed artists to collaborate and play around with design. This one was about creating a totem pole of your passion.

In the first round two people had to work on the same computer and create a piece about their passion. My teammate and I were in the second round, and we had to complete the already started piece. Unfortunately the "team" before us was just one guy, and for the most part the piece didn't give us much room to work. (If you squint at the image below that was what we were left with to start. It was a completed piece.) We had to decide what to do in a VERY short amount of time. It felt weird to draw over the very thick lines so I suggested perhaps to draw within. We talked about it again today about what other ways we can approach it, and came up with better solutions.

The guy before us chose "Taste Everything" so we drew everything that could fit! It was fun to have onlookers interact with us as we were drawing. We would ask, "Hey what's something you can taste?" and I misheard someone and thought they said "Satan", but really they said "freedom". 

I hope that they open a chapter here in Berlin, us artists need an event where we can collaborate and play around with our art. 

For the first event I thought it went pretty well. There were things that could have been improved. I told the organizer that when we got the objective it was pretty hard to understand what we needed to do. I also felt that the event could have been longer, I would have liked to collaborate longer too. My partner and I agreed that it was slightly hard to meet other artists since we were all focused on our assignment. However it was about time that an event like this came to Berlin. It makes me think of the Berlin Mini Game Jam and how much fun it is to collaborate with teammates, but Shuffle is like an illustration version of it! 

Below are some pictures of the event :)

Tonight I will be attending the ESDIP Berlin Connect - Vol. II! So in my next blog post I may write about that or talk about my personal project!

My partner at this event was Andrea Tavolaro and here's his work: