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Berlin Mini Game Jam AMAZE April 2015 Edition

This past Sunday I participated in the Berlin Mini Game Jam. My friend Jery and I wanted to make a game where you can interact with a game via projector. We focused on the theme "Rain" and came up with a story about a little piglet who needed to go home. She has to get out of the rain and needs the player to provide safe crossings for her. 

Our initial idea was that you had to provide surfaces with your hands, head and/or post-its to get her safely across obstacles. Here's what our set up looked like:

We used a projector and recorded objects in front of it with a camera phone.

The idea was really good, but in the end a bit complex for only an 8 hour time limit. We were both excited about the idea and agreed if we weren't able to finish a prototype that it would be okay.

I went ahead and worked on the design of the character. At first I really wanted to make a moth, but felt like the design was somehow channeling "Invader Zim" (at least to me), then played around with a hedgehog design then slightly back to "Invader Zim". I swear I think somehow, "The Wettening" episode must have subliminally been working through me! So I went ahead and changed it all with a little piggy character. I played around with proportions and cuteness facter then finished with little Abigail. 

Then I wanted to create some quick moody backgrounds to make Abigail stand out.

I worked in a cooler platte to allow Abigail to stand out. The puddles were outlined with a darker color to allow the player to know that it was dangerous.

At the end Abigail makes it home safely. 

We weren't able to complete the technical side of the game, but perhaps we will try again in the future. I was pretty happy that we went with this idea.