Kelsey Bass


A Day Drawing at the Museum with Schoolism Buddies

Last October I was fortunate to have attended the excellent Schoolism Workshop that was in Berlin. As well as learning better techniques and ways of approaching my own art I met a lot of AMAZING and inspiring artists. Last Sunday a small group of us met to sketch at the Museum für Naturkunde (English: Natural History Museum). We had a good day of drawing to say the least.

Bao Bao Portrait.

Dinosaur sketches.

Kiwi, Wood Pecker, and part of a Panda Skeleton.

Komodo Dragon, various birds.

Yan Yan reflection.

My favorite sketch of the day, Panda Skull.

I only had a pen with me this time, but I came out with some really nice results! 

Luciano Aguiar, who was there with me, posted his work on tumblr:

Here are some of the photos I took of the ones I ended up drawing. I can't wait to go back. 

Kelsey Bass