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Inktober 2015 Final week

Inktober ended during all the Halloween festivities. I had accomplished my goal of creating an inked piece of work each day on the day that it needed to be completed. 

Now to reflect

This was my first time participating in Inktober, and I enjoyed the challenge of completing an inked piece every day. Some pieces were more successful than others. Some pieces I enjoyed while other pieces my audience enjoyed. It was great to explore all the ways I could approach each piece, and not having a tight focus helped me with this. 

Some troubles

Pentel Black ink brush

Pentel Black ink brush

I've never used a brush pen like this one before so I had some trouble learning how to dispense the ink.

As you can see the lines are not bold and solid (as intended). This of course could make for interesting texture, but had annoyed me through out most of the Inktober drawings. One moment it seemed like I fixed the problem the next the problem still persisted. By the end I figured out the problem.

First you need to squeeze this pen (brush side down) and hold it for a moment. The ink will finally come out.

Then you'll need (scrap paper) to brush the ink into the bristols.  

Sorry for the blurriness holding the camera and drawing is a challenge for me haha.

Sorry for the blurriness holding the camera and drawing is a challenge for me haha.

Finally you can make solid lines. 

To be honest I don't know if this is the best way to use this brush pen, but hey it worked and I'll still continue to learn how to use it.

Another trouble I had was sometimes having a scanner and sometimes only having my camera on my phone. The quality of the images fluctuated because of this. There was one week where I was too sick to come into my studio so most of the images were taken with my phone's camera. Next year if I decide on selling my work as prints I'll make sure the quality is excellent. 

Despite some troubles, I managed to get all 31 ink drawings done! 

So what's next?

I have an itching to do small inkings each day and try to continue the flow I've got going here. I know some of my art friends are thinking about doing more as well. 

What I plan on doing is creating one panel comics for each day of November. The comics will feature slice of life and dream themes. I think I can manage to do this. I know it's already November 2, but I'll just make up for it. As long as life and work are still in a good balance I think these can be done each day this month.


Inktober 2015Kelsey Bass
Inktober Week 2 2015

Inktober 4, 2015 Vampire robot sorting blood.

Inktober 5, 2015 Inked a dragon and used colors for this one. All inks ;)

Inktober 6, 2015 Under Tale fan art. 

Inktober 7, 2015 I needed to draw some unicorns.

Inktober 8, 2015 Mr. Hooded Crow gives some advice about coffee.

Inktober 9, 2015 Mother and baby bear.

Inktober 10, 2015 picking up an abandoned plant.

I'm still going strong this week! Now with over 10 ink drawings under my belt. I hope to do more color versions next week.

First Week of Inktober 2015

Inktober 1, 2015 My first piece ever for Inktober. I didn't want to think too hard or draw too hard because I don't want to run the chance of getting an Art block.

Finally I decided it was time to participate in this year's Inktober. For those of you who don't know Inktober was created by Jake Parker in 2009 as a way for him to improve his inking skills, and since then lots of artists have been participating. 

Here are the rules taken from the event page on Facebook if you'd also like to participate.

InkTober rules:

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it on your blog (or tumblr, instagram, twitter, facebook, flickr, Pinterest or just pin it on your wall.)

3) Hashtag it with #inktober

4) Repeat

More info at

Inktober 2, 2015 I love Rats and Jack o' Lanterns. I use to have pets rats growing up, and they were amazing friendly pets. And I can't think about October without thinking about Pumpkins and Jack o' Lanterns.

Some folks have come up with themes or things they'd like to specifically work on when doing these ink drawings. I've decided to just explore working with ink and making work that just comes to my head. Being so  busy lately, I don't get to draw for myself or things that amuse me. When I've done all 31 days then next year I'll plan some theme I'd like to work under. 

Inktober 3, 2015 I just let my hand take the wheel when inking this one. Pretty bizarre.

On Saturdays I'll post here all the ink drawings I've done during the week instead of one individual post per day. (Since I'm posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr daily)

If you're interested in participating do it!! You can still catch up!