Kelsey Bass


Schoolism Class Painting with Light and Color with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo

I've just finished my second week on my second Schoolism class, Painting with Light and Color with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo. It was hard finding the time to finish the second week, but I did it! 

It's very easy to want to do the studies from a photo, but I just need to study from actual moving lighting. Maybe later I'll use some photos to work from. All the photos were taken for reference after I completed the painting.

This was my first comp, I did a study of one of the desks in my studio. There was a time constraint since the person who works at that desk might have come in at any moment.

My second comp was a banana, I swear it was turning brown as I was working. This one was pretty simplistic. I think I could have ignored the detail in the background or painted it looser.

After a *ahem* few months break from this assignment I came back inspired to finally finish this week. This is my 3rd comp, I tried to approach this by not stressing over the details. 

4th comp, I revisited my kitchen counter from a previous comp I did in the 1st week. This is where I figured that I could group the values and lose some edges.

My last comp was a still life I set up. Glass is a beast material so I took the chance to have a few glasses and different material to study from. I think my three value study could have been darker but the grouping feels correct.

This class has been a good follow up to the Pictorial Composition Class I had with Nathan Fowkes. 

On to week 3!

Kelsey Bass