Kelsey Bass


Marker Love

So it's been a bit, but now I have some time to post on my blog again! I've been posting most of my updates via 

Coming off the heels of working on environment assets for The Exiled and our game being released on Steam: I've been very busy working on my own projects. Some of which are already on Instagram and my website. 

I've been working on a lot of art using markers! I have many Prismacolor markers that I brought over with me from the USA. Since there isn't Prismacolor here in Germany, I found my new love, Stylefile brush marker! I started with two of their colors, CGO Cool Grey and 510 Sky Blue. I used them to rough out shapes that I'd sketch on top of, but now I've been using them more and more with the other colors I have. I went back to the art store and bought a try out set that included 6 markers, 306 Powder Pink, 672 Grass Green, 154 Canary Yellow, 350 Coral Pink, 454 Cerise, and 554 Napolean Blue. The more I used them with my Prismacolors the more I'd love to get more of them! Stylefile are cheaper than most alcohol based markers, and right now the only downside (I think) is that they can't be refilled (I think!). 

Also to add, I'm just stating my own opinion, I've bought all these markers myself.

Till next time!