Kelsey Bass


Week 4 & 5 Schoolism Online and Last Week's Berlin Workshop!

Hey hey so as promised I'm catching up this week with the work I've completed when taking Nathan Fowkes' Pictorial Composition class on Schoolism. The fourth week was quite hard for me to complete, but I managed! I was quite happy with the results, but now looking back I see where I could make some of the compositions stronger. The 5th week was pretty much free for me to paint. Using what I had learned in the previous lessons I made a painting I was quite happy with. I'm on my 6th week now, but between working/finding work I still need to find the time to complete it. I am very happy with this class, and it has been a real good challenge.

Last weekend was the Schoolism Workshop in Berlin. I attended the second day where artists Jeff Turley, Sam Nielson, and Nathan Fowkes presented, and boy was that great. They presented lots of ways to approach your work, art, style, and gave the audience lots to think about. Heck even when we all gathered for the last meetup we were all sitting around with so much knowledge buzzing around in our brains that it made it hard to have a smooth conversation haha, at least that was how I was feeling! It was a joy to finally talk with these three artists, and I thanked Nathan Fowkes for his valuable class and knowledge that he shares.

Actually all the artists were great, I can't stop gushing. For those who did the whole weekend they had three more workshops than I did, and they said that those instructors were also very amazing. If you get a chance and Schoolism Workshop comes to your town I recommend going!

Here are some snapshots of the instructors: