Kelsey Bass


Week 3 Assignment Nathan Fowke's Pictorial Composition

So I finished week 3's assignment. It wasn't easy to balance work, home stuff, and also trying to finish this assignment, but I did it! I tried exploring different themes, time of day, action vs. calm, and different values. Seeing all the pieces together helped me to edit a few of them I thought weren't working so well. Later on I plan to revisit these.

It's been a very challenging class, but already I feel I've learned a lot from it. I look forward to the next assignment! 

Assignment 2 Pictorial Composition Revisited

So when I last posted I showed my second assignment from Nathan Fowke's Pictorial Composition class, and I had received some helpful critique from Mili Fay. So in my spare time before I start on the third assignment I wanted to work on these again! (I don't want to leave these in the dust). I'm pretty happy with the changes, and perhaps my intentions for the illustrations have become clearer with the changes. For now I'll continue learning loads from this class, and maybe later revisit these with fresh eyes.