Studies, sketches and thumbnails from both my digital sketchbook and physical. 

My compositions from life for the Schoolism class, Painting with Light and Color (Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi). The goal with these 5 comps is to paint a still life that has diffuse lighting. I did not use my photo as my subject it is just a reference for the viewer (you). Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

Color studies for two compositions. One is featured in my Illustration page and the other is in the works. Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

Composition Studies. Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

Composition studies. Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

Nintendo Pokemon fan art. Painted in color inks on paper.

Charming Scene. Ink on paper.

Sketch for Divination. Ink and pencil on paper.